Event Services

Supporting events for deserving non-profit organizations such as the Georgia 2-Day Walk for breast cancer.

Drone Photography and Video

Video in HD for outdoor events, productions and performances.

Promotional Videos

Social media posting videos of promotion for events or supporting web informational needs.

Serving Others

The mission of Landreth Media is to bless deserving non-profit organizations with free multimedia services so they can direct the funds they raise directly to the services they provide. I am devoting a post retirement time to serving others. I feel blessed to be able to help organizations with videography and other multimedia production projects.

Most of my efforts have been in support of special needs people, animal rescue, Christian ministries, and fighting breast cancer. I have also produced captures of performances such as the Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

Another area of support has been to special needs education and private Christian schools.

My production techniques are professional but I prefer to assist those organizations who are small but provide a significant impact to the clients they serve and need the stand out production on par with larger organizations.

I left a Fortune 500 company to launch this mission. I've had the experience of leading product development for products used in millions of households. But I took a hobby in multimedia as a platform to give back while I am able.